We have got to agree that in any form of fishing there is more to it than just casting the rod to the horizon. Considering that every angler desires nothing but the best carp rods, there are things one will have to look at before getting one; the length of the carp rod should be of sufficient length for good casting and good fish controlling properties, also, the action of the carp rod has to meet your requirements, lastly consider the test curve which should be around 3lb. Below is a well figured out details of the 3 best carp rods there could ever be;

Nash Tackle Scope Carp Rod 10ft – 3lb

Kevin Nash has quenched the thirsts of many felt for decades, by coming up with the remarkable concept in rod designs. These scope rods feature a rare retractable butt section which reduces the overall transport length of the rod which provides a pack down size of 44ins for a 9ft Scope and 50ins for the 10ft Scope without affecting the rod action in any way.

The scope features a Fuji Minima low profile one part guides for excellent sensitivity and improved casting, it is ultra light which is further enhanced by putting to use the incredible new SS304 rings. There are cork handle options, a high modulus carbon material and a Japanese full shrink


  • They are adjustable
  • Carbon line clips
  • Good casting up to 170 yards with the 9ft option.


  • Relatively expensive with price from £158.99

In all, the rod is durable and easy to use.

Best Nash carp fishing rod

Greys Stalker Carp Rod Range

The new Greys stalker carp rods are one of the most versatile rods ever been. There are the most excellent tools for close quarter big fish hunting. The power and strength of this tool is achieved slowly through the lower part of the rod. The rod has been upgraded to a 2.75lb from which the progressive action gives you more power to control big fish and prevent hook pulls.

The Greys carp rod has lightweight high modulus carbon blanks, silk sleek black blank with 1k detailing double robust leg SIC guides, a line clip, a folding hook keeper and quality handles.


  • It is durable
  • Highly versatile
  • Affordable with price from £79.99 – £89.99

Greys rod is perfect, packs down well and is sensitive enough to cast 12g lures or punch dead baits from the shore.


Kevin Nash never seems to disappoint, this is another one of his creative rods.

One thing is for sure, the durability of this rod is remarkable; brought about by the top class carbon material. The extreme range casting will definitely boost your distance. Also has awesome fish playing action to prevent hook pulls hence more fish n the bank at your convenience. The rod has reel seats, exclusive Nash guides and comfy handles.


  • The carp rod shrink’s most valued feature is its extreme range casting.
  • Also its affordability with price from £89.99 – £128.49 from the above you are sure to get the best carp rod for memorable and easy fishing experiences.