If you have your heart set on luring in the biggest carp then you need the best carp reel. A good quality reel will ensure that your prize winning carp do not escape when you are reeling it in. The best carp reels have fantastic anti-reverse actions and an aluminium spool that will provide rust free long term use.

The top 3 carp reels that you can invest in are;

Diawa Cross Cast S 5500 Carp Fishing Reel

This fantastic reel is distributed by Fishingmad and consists of an aluminium spool, digigear, twistbuster and infinite anti reverse system. The T-shape handle know provides smooth and effective reeling. The spool combines aluminium and matte black perfectly for a great look that will suit fishing rod elegantly. The reel costs only £47.99 and has free UK delivery which makes it extremely affordable compared to other carp reels.

Best Diawa carp fishing reel


Unfortunately there aren’t too many reviews on this product although the reel seemed to be selling out quite fast which is proof on its own that this is a fantastic reel to invest in.

Shimano Baitrunner ST 10000 or 6000 RB Reel

The Shimano Baitrunner is considered one of the best carp reels because it is manufactured from excellent quality materials. The Baitrunner ST consists of an XT7 silver spool finish and is created with advanced features that provide a much smoother and easier use. The Shimano is available in both 10000 and 6000 models that are some of the highest quality entry spool reels on the market. This reel costs between £53.99 for the 10000 reels and £67.95 for the 6000 reel.


The Shimano Baitrunner received a tremendously large amount of positive reviews which helped build the conclusion that this is one of the best carp reels. Those who used this reel said that the reel is of excellent quality and the service and delivery of this reel is astounding.

Wychwood Exorcist Big Pit Freespin 65 Reel

The Wychwood Exorcist has a fantastic design and a good body size. The casting consists of an aluminium spool that has been designed with reduced inertia front drag. The reel has a micro-adjustable freespin, instant anti-reverse and an oversized main shaft that helps greatly for large carp specimens. The rod has 11 ball bearings and an aluminium handle. The spool-clip is line friendly and has a capacity of 320m. The reel costs £67.29 with free UK delivery.


The reviews on Wychwood Exorcist were extremely positive and those who tested this fantastic reel claims that it is “the bee’s knees” and that it is of excellent quality material. The reel is smooth and has a great cranking power which is perfect for carp fishing.


None of these reels received a single negative review from those who tried and tested them. The reels have been proven to improve the quality of the fishing experience and provide reliable support for even the biggest and boldest of carp. The reels are suitable for just about any carp fishing rod and all have a great design that will improve the overall look of your rod.